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Re: BugZappers: wiki page idea's

iarly selbir wrote:
IRC may be added in a topic

"using IRC" or "ways to track bugs" ( or like that heh ), what is #fedorabot channel? I think it very important...

something like...


- -
iarly selbir ( ski0s )


On Sun, Mar 1, 2009 at 3:32 AM, TK009 <john brown009 gmail com <mailto:john brown009 gmail com>> wrote:

    Since we seem to be talking a lot about the wiki and how to
    improve it. I thought I would get some input on my thoughts for
    changes to the main page.
    here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Tk009/bugzappers

    Yes it does look a lot like QA's new front page, it just worked
    out that way and is not a copy.
    1) Responsibilities
    The description of what the bugzappers do is my own from other
    info in the wiki.
    I wrote it in response to poelcat's request for idea's on wording
    changes to
    For continuity I thought this might work for the main page as
    well. The goal the on the PackageMaintainers/Policy page was to
    explain to package maintainers what the zappers do. Does this
    description work for new people as well? Does it explain what we
    do without being TMI?

    2) Communicate
    Can this be said better? Should more info like a like a link for
    "How TO IRC" be added?

    3) Getting Involved
    As already posted in an email by Christopher Beland, the idea
    joining the BugZappers/join  and BugZappers/getting started pages
    is a good one, and I support it.

    I would like to hear your thoughts on these idea's and start
    discussion and thoughts on the "site map" idea poelcat proposed
    for revamping the wiki. Everyone agrees the wiki needs luvin, lets
    work together to get that done.

    Edward (TK009)
    Fedora Partisan Ranger

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I saw the link for "how to use IRC" on QA's page and thought it a good idea as one of our newer members said he had to go look up use of IRC.

As to #fedorabot IRC channel, I am not sure that is helpful in the communication information, no one talks there that I know of and would be a less than ideal place to "communicate" with us. It should be on the wiki just maybe not the first page. "ways to track bugs" is something for the getting started or deeper beyond that page is my thought.

Goals for revamping the wiki should be something like not overwhelm the new user with information overload yet still ensure information that needs to be there is there and is easy to find and structured in a way that makes sense. Not an easy task but one we should be able to accomplish.

thanks iarlyy for the feedback, I hope others will join in with their idea's as well.


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