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Re: BugZappers: wiki page idea's

Jerry Amundson wrote:
On 2/28/09, TK009 <john brown009 gmail com> wrote:
Since we seem to be talking a lot about the wiki and how to improve it.
I thought I would get some input on my thoughts for changes to the main
here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Tk009/bugzappers

I like it. I think the "We Need You" statement sums it up well.
I also like the dropping of the Contributing Roles section - it was
misleading, and too "tall".

However, a large portion of the current BugZappers page is useful,
Finding Bugs, How to Triage, Useful links, etc. Yet., your page does
not include it.. That content should not just be orphaned.

Also. the section appearance needs to match, but different than the
intro (Who Are The BugZappers?), i.e. bold, horizontal line, not a


Agree with all of this =)

Those pages would not be orphaned they are important, just moved a page or so in, that information may have a better home on the getting started page as an idea.

As to the appearance, I was playing with the headings a little. I cant say I am happy with how that looks either. Please edit it if you have some idea's that is what it is there for =).

My thoughts are not to overwhelm the new visitor with information on the front page anyway. These are just some the things I was thinking about in regard to wiki changes. If my draft lacks information you feel should be on the main page please add it.
Thanks for the feedback Jerry


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