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Re: BugZappers wiki sitemap

Having studied the "site map", it only adds to the list of questions I

Several people have requested drafts of proposed changes, so I have a
number of those linked to my list now.

1.) Merge [[BugZappers/HelpWanted]] with [[BugZappers/Joining]]

[[BugZappers/Why]] is also in the site map, but is an orphan.  I
merged that as well.  The result of the three-way merge is now at:


and awaits your approval.

>> 2.) The subpages under [[BugZappers/HouseKeeping#Task_Breakdown]]
>> should probably be merged into the master page.
> I disagree.  The main page was too big and was intentionally broken
> down this way.  Breaking the tasks up makes it easier to maintain.
> Having spent a week reworking this section I'd be sad to see it all
> reverted unless other people think it would work better a different
> way.

I don't see how splitting up the page makes it any easier to update,
but since I never use it, I'm fine with leaving it chopped in tiny
bits if that makes you happy.

> 3.) [[BugZappers/components]] and [[BugZappers/FindingBugs]] are
> both serving the dual purpose of tracking what needs to be worked on
> and providing links to BugZilla to find bugs that need work.  Any
> objections to merging to [[BugZappers/Tracking]]?

The comments on what to do about this question were unclear.  I have
created a draft of the merged page, which I propose redirecting the
other pages to:


Included in the source material was the explicit goal of triaging
blocker bugs, and the wording of the primary goal is unsatisfying.
(And it has been proposed that it be limited to Rawhide bugs only.)
Perhaps we should discuss this at an IRC meeting.

> 4.) 

This was this issue of what advice to give triagers about signing up
for components that already have other people working on them.  We're
supposed to talk about this at the IRC meeting.  It involves
[[BugZappers/Joining]], [[BugZappers/ActiveTriagers]], and
[[BugZappers/components]], and [[BugZappers/Special Procedures]] with
my proposal being a "Needs more help" yes/no column in a unified

One alternative would be to just add text like:
> Yes you can triage components that someone else has chosen.  For
> greatest triage impact it would be best to choose components not
> already chosen, however, triage components you feel most comfortable
> with.

> 5.)  As for the other content on [[BugZappers/Special Procedures]],
> [[BugZappers/How to Triage]] is the main instruction page, but we
> also have [[BugZappers/BugStatusWorkFlow]] and lots of advice on
> [[BugsAndFeatureRequests]] (which is oriented toward bug filers, not
> bug triagers).
> Clearly we need the One True List of Things Every Bug Should Have,
> which filers should supply and triagers will request if they don't.
> (This varies by component, and type of bug - e.g. crashes
> vs. misspellings vs. feature requests.)  The ASSIGNED section of
> [[BugZappers/BugStatusWorkFlow]] has some of that info, which can be
> removed and replaced with a link to the canonical place.
> BugStatusWorkFlow can then just be an explanation of Bugzilla
> states.
> [[BugZappers/How to Triage]] and [[BugsAndFeatureRequests]] then
> need to be harmonized and streamlined.  This is the crux of the
> problem of making a minimal set of instructions that bug filers and
> triagers can actually follow.

I'll attempt rewrites; sounds like we definitely want separate pages
for triagers and bug filers.  Also add
[[BugZappers/UnderstandingBugzilla]] to the mix.

Brennan Ashton says about [[BugZappers/BugStatusWorkFlow]]:

> This page I see as one of our core documents, and unfortunately it
> is out of date.  I do not have time to draft and update right now,
> but I would like to see someone who has experience with the process
> update it.  The graphic is also needing to be updated.

Briefly, which content is incorrect?  

> 6.) [[BugZappers/Meetings]] and the front page don't mention that
> Triage Days are held immediately after meetings.  Has that been
> decided for certain?

On that subject, [[BugZappers/OfficeHours]] and
[[BugZappers/Training]] look dead, though they are both orphaned (no
inbound links from other wiki pages).

7.) [[BugZappers]] -> Draft replacement is at [[User:Tk009/bugzappers]]

At the risk of worsening draft proliferation, I did my own rewrite of
the front page, taking inspiration from TK009's draft and others'


8.) http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/FAQ

There is no content here, and the naming conventions look wrong.  Can
this just be deleted?

9.) http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/Tasks

Hasn't this been obsoleted by https://fedorahosted.org/triage/ ?

10.) I'm not sure why [[BugZappers/F10Triagers]] isn't integrated into
[[BugZappers/PastTriagers]], but whatever.

11.) https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/FindingDuplicates 

has been "under construction" without any changes since June 2008.  Is
there any glaring omission which justifies continued inclusion of this
warning?  Anyone have anything they would like to add?


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