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Re: what's the alternative in f11-alpha to npviewer.bin?

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
  what's the fedora-approved alternative to npviewer.bin for watching
youtube videos, since npviewer.bin has, for the longest time,
absolutely crippled my earlier fedora systems, frequently sucking up
over half the CPU while doing absolutely nothing, requiring frequent
invocations of "killall npviewer.bin".

  perhaps i just didn't set it up properly but, seriously, i'd rather
run my nads over a cheese grater than reinstall that hideous piece of
software on a new fedora system

Nspluginwrapper is installed by default even on 32-bit systems to force plugins to run as a separate process increasing stability and security of the system and has been working fine on my systems. There has been a few bugs reported and fixed over a period of time about instability with the flash plugin when using nspluginwrapper. If you can reproduce them, it would be useful to report them. They are typically handled quickly.


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