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Kittens in distress

So, I was reading the discussion the other day about how Rawhide's
appetite for kittens has been somewhat exaggerated.  That inspired me
to upgraded to the current state of the art - I was about a week
behind, after all.  It only wanted to upgrade a little over 1300
packages - what could possibly go wrong?


 - tcsh breaks with "unknown colorls variable rs".  Deleting the
   appropriate /etc/profile.d entries takes care of that one - and I
   think it's a good practice in general.

 - gnome-terminal has picked up an interesting new blood-red background
   drawn behind glyphs.  It's kind of striking in its own way, but I'm
   going to have to change my foreground color to compensate.

 - Firefox has become a truly hallucinogenic experience.  The 80-point
   headings are amusing, as are the many pages which simply don't
   render at all.

No doubt more to follow.  Meanwhile, those of you who haven't upgraded
recently might just want to hold off for a little longer.  The kittens
will thank you.


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