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Another Newbie Bugzapper

Name:  Joshua Armstrong
Location:  West Allis (suburb of Milwaukee), WI, United States
Qualifications:  Bachelor of Business Administration in MIS

I've been a consumer of Open Source tech since I entered the IT industry (in high school, 10 years ago), but haven't found much time to be a contributor. I did contribute a bit of code to what became dolphin in KDE4 in the form of a smb:/// url handler. Since I became unemployed, I though I'd use my newfound free time to give something back to the open source community I've benefited from.

I've done IT for the U.S. Air Force Reserve (desktop support, data management, personnel, and UNIX system admin), a small consulting / marketing firm (jack of all things electronic), and a large regional commercial bank (check processing systems support). Currently looking for decent IT work, hopefully somewhere in Wisconsin but grudgingly willing to relocate if I really have to.

Joshua M. Armstrong
jarmstrong wi rr com

Version: 3.1
GCS d-- s+:+ a-- C++$ UL++++>$
US+++>+ P+ L+++E- W+++ N+ w--$
PS+ PE- Y+ PGP+ R+ tv b+ DI D-- G
e h! r--- !y UF++(+)

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