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Re: Beware today's updates - selinux is changing home user contexts

Mike Cloaked wrote:
I have just updated some f10 boxes a few minutes ago. On logging on again
after rebooting to the new kernel this evening, the main user directories
have had their contexts changed to usr_t so I presume some kind of
relabelling has been done - but not correctly!  After restorecon -vR
/home/user the contexts have mostly reverted to where they should be - I
initially noticed because ssh suddenly started demanding a passphrase when
it should not need one - and then I noted avc denials.....

I hope not too many users are going to have their home directories messed up
as a result! The relevant update is
This is not good - especially for a stable release!
I second this - I just verified this on my f10 webserver. Thankfully, all the important files are set to httpd_sys_content_t and in read-only directories. But it did break being able to read home directories over CIFS share.

Joshua M. Armstrong
jarmstrong wi rr com

Version: 3.1
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US+++>+ P+ L+++E- W+++ N+ w--$
PS+ PE- Y+ PGP+ R+ tv b+ DI D-- G
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