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Re: Kittens in distress (fixes for red gnome-terminal background & firefox weirdness)

On Mon, 2009-03-02 at 13:10 -0700, Jonathan Corbet wrote:

>  - tcsh breaks with "unknown colorls variable rs".  Deleting the
>    appropriate /etc/profile.d entries takes care of that one - and I
>    think it's a good practice in general.

tcsh? Wow. I wonder if there's more tcsh users or ppc users.. heh.

Anyway, submit a bug so the other five tcsh users can get a fix for the
problem too. 

>  - gnome-terminal has picked up an interesting new blood-red background
>    drawn behind glyphs.  It's kind of striking in its own way, but I'm
>    going to have to change my foreground color to compensate.

Miscompilation caused by new gcc; fixed in vte-0.19.4-5.fc11, which will
be in the next rawhide push. Until then, get it here:

>  - Firefox has become a truly hallucinogenic experience.  The 80-point
>    headings are amusing, as are the many pages which simply don't
>    render at all.

Another miscompile, this time in nspr; skip the upgrade to
nspr-4.7.3-4.fc11, or downgrade to nspr-4.7.3-3.fc11:
1. Fetch package from koji:
2. rpm --oldpackage -Uvh nspr*.rpm

> No doubt more to follow.  Meanwhile, those of you who haven't upgraded
> recently might just want to hold off for a little longer.  The kittens
> will thank you.

Things are a always a little rough right before feature freeze - a lot
of things are landing at once and some of 'em crash into the runway.
Still, if we stick to it we should be able to get these things sorted
out pretty quick.


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