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Re: Beware today's updates - selinux is changing home user contexts

Jerry Amundson wrote:
On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 3:25 PM, Mike Cloaked <mike cloaked gmail com> wrote:
Joshua Armstrong-2 wrote:
Mike Cloaked wrote:
I have just updated some f10 boxes a few minutes ago. On logging on again
after rebooting to the new kernel this evening, the main user directories
have had their contexts changed to usr_t so I presume some kind of
relabelling has been done - but not correctly!  After restorecon -vR
/home/user the contexts have mostly reverted to where they should be - I
initially noticed because ssh suddenly started demanding a passphrase
it should not need one - and then I noted avc denials.....

I hope not too many users are going to have their home directories messed
as a result! The relevant update is

This is not good - especially for a stable release!

I second this - I just verified this on my f10 webserver. Thankfully,
all the important files are set to httpd_sys_content_t and in read-only
directories. But it did break being able to read home directories over
CIFS share.

I guess these lines in the /var/log/messages are relevant:
Mar  2 19:49:25 home1 yum: Updated: selinux-policy-3.5.13-46.fc10.noarch
Mar  2 19:49:49 home1 dbus: avc:  received policyload notice (seqno=2)
Mar  2 19:49:49 home1 dbus: avc:  received policyload notice (seqno=2)

I guess it will be in BZ before too long - and I notice that -47 is in
updates testing - hopefully this problem will be fixed before -48 is

Works for me. My f10 updates-testing laptop installed
selinux-policy-targeted-3.5.13-46.fc10.noarch last Thursday, Feb 26. I
see one "dbus: avc:  received policyload notice (seqno=2)" from then,
but user_home_dir_t is still set as expected.

Have you rebooted since you installed it?  I believe the RPM touches
/.autorelabel and that triggers the relabel on a reboot.
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