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Re: Reminder: Bug Triage Meeting Tomorrow (Tuesday) @ 15:00 UTC

On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 9:52 AM, TK009 <john brown009 gmail com> wrote:
> Bug Triage Meeting
> irc.freenode.net #fedora-meeting
> Tuesday @ 15:00 UTC/10 AM EST
> Note: Due to an error on my part, poelcat didn't get a change to review this
> agenda. It may change before the meeting.
> Agenda
> Items from last meeting:
> * greasemonkey signature script - Find out where we are with the
> greasemonkey signature (all-in-one?) script. mcepl was taking the lead on
> this I believe. I had some trouble downloading the script from the wiki
> link. Has that been fixed, or was it user error? Is the script ready?
mcepl had the idea to distribute them as plugins that dont require GM,
and then they would update like any other firefox update, I had
success doing this with the sig plugin but it failed flat with the
triage script, and I dont have time to trace it down anytime soon.
> * Bug Triage Metrics - comphappy was working on these and did mention they
> would be done this weekend. A comment I saw in IRC about UTC or EST leads me
> to believe comphappy is close to complete, that or about to go crazy =).

I have been crazy for a good year now, so nothing to worry about on
that front.  I finally got the capture scripts tweaked the way I want
them, I had a long battle with python's obsession of UTC and
bugzilla's obsession for ET, while my server being PST, leaving many
bugs checked.  So (hopefully) my server executed the cron jobs on time
and they are loading todays data.  Unfortunately there is some data
that cannot be recovered from the past, and must be logged each night,
so the metrics will become more useful as time goes on and they have
more data. So metrics should have enough history to be showing
something by late in the week. The new link to the metrics is
Then again it might fall flat on its face, in which case I will smack
it around a bit and see what I can do.

> Current Items
> * Standard Operating Procedures - Discuss the creation of BugZappers SOP
> (standard operating procedures). As pointed out by poelcat last week and
> others, there is a pressing need for a BugZappers SOP.
> * Recent major edits on the wiki - Discuss the recent major wiki edits and
> how we should proceed going forward with wiki updating as a whole. Some of
> this may tie into the SOP.
> * Bug Work Flow - Both comphappy and dash123 had questions and concerns
> about the work flow chart. I am not sure I understand fully and hope they
> will be at the meeting to explain better.

The information about NEEDINFO is obsolete, and the replacement
procedure with flags is not in there, I have had a few people ask
about that.

> I know there were other things mentioned for inclusion in this week meeting.
> They wont be left out. I am just not sure we can do much more in the hour we
> have for the meeting. They may have to wait till next week. I hope this
> works for everyone, if not let poelcat or myself know please.
> and last but not least-
> ***Bug Triage day***
> Our first Bug Triage Day will be held immediately after the meeting. This
> will a be weekly event with the goals of training and introducing new
> members to the triage team, building team skills, generate more community
> interest and hopefully more participation. Participation is the key to
> success, I hope to see everyone there.

When ever I am logged in send me a message with my name and I will try
to respond quickly, although I am working again, so my hours have
shifted later.

> See you Tuesday.

Would it be possible to see if a slightly different time for this
meeting works for our somewhat different group, I do not see my self
being able to attend these meeting regularly even in the summer with
my new work schedule, and a few other people have mentioned that they
cannot make this time.

Sounds like you have a full agenda sorry I will not be able to attend,
I have another meeting conflicting.

> Edward (TK009)
> Fedora Partisan Ranger
> Fedora Bug Triage Team
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