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Re: Reminder: Bug Triage Meeting Tomorrow (Tuesday) @ 15:00 UTC

Adam Williamson wrote:
On Mon, 2009-03-02 at 12:52 -0500, TK009 wrote:

***Bug Triage day***
Our first Bug Triage Day will be held immediately after the meeting. 
This will a be weekly event with the goals of training and introducing 
new members to the triage team, building team skills, generate more 
community interest and hopefully more participation. Participation is 
the key to success, I hope to see everyone there.  

I just wanted to focus and confirm this part: we have quite a lot of
newcomers, and I'm hoping to get some or all of them to come out to the
Triage Day, so if as many current members as possible can come along to
help train them, that would be really great! Just any time you can spare
for the 6-12 hours after the meeting tomorrow, in #fedora-bugzappers,
would be great. Thanks, everyone.
<snip />

I'll be there for the meeting.  I'll see how much time I can devote to the Triage Day festivities.  I have a job interview that I'll be going to right after the meeting.  When I get back I'll probably be on to join in Triage Day.  Thanks for including me on the guest list! :-)

Joshua M. Armstrong
jarmstrong wi rr com

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