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Re: today's F10 updates, PackageKit showing double

I updated my box few time ago ( yum )


Package                                      Arch                    Version                          Repository                Size
 system-config-date                           noarch                  1.9.36-1.fc10                    updates                  1.1 M
     replacing  system-config-date.noarch 1.9.34-1.fc10                                                                              

 system-config-date-docs                      noarch                  1.0.5-1.fc10                     updates                  277 k
     replacing  system-config-date.noarch 1.9.34-1.fc10                                                                             

system-config-date twice.

I think that it can be your problem


- -
iarly selbir ( ski0s )


On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 2:03 AM, Michael Cronenworth <mike cchtml com> wrote:
Today's updates totaled 11 on my laptop, but PackageKit wanted to say I had 12. system-config-date is listed twice. I can't seem to find an open bug on this, and I have screenshot proof if anyone doubts it.

Yes, I tried hitting "Refresh" but it still shows that package twice. All the other packages are listed once. "yum check-update" only shows 11 updates and system-config-date is listed once.

Anyone else seeing this?

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