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Re: monstrous failure of "yum update" on fedora 11 alpha

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
  i decided to "yum update" my f11 alpha system and, after downloading
some 1500 packages, it went to work, unpacking about 500 packages
before every single package after that generated an unpacking error.

  has anyone else had a successful "yum update"?

I've had enough of brokenware for the present, I can't do what I want on Fedora, but I can on Windows.

However, I wonder
1. Do you not have a separate /boot?
2. Are you using tmpfs in crucial places?


p.s.  weirdly, some later packages are generating errors of "Couldn't
create temporary file, no space left on device" but I went with the
default filesystem layout so I have one large 80G root filesystem that
isn't even *close* to being full.



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