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Thunderbird 3 x86_64 addons

What a surprise to get thunderbird 3 as an update in this morning's
rawhide! Unfortunately, it means that all of my addons stopped working.
The good news is that after some investigation, I've discovered that
many of my old tbird2 addons are no longer necessary:

* reply-to-list is now honored (finally!)
* quoting text and hitting reply works as expected

I did however miss Lightning and Enigmail. There are nightly xpis
available for i386, but I'm on x86_64, so I built them from source and
threw them up here:

Enigmail (GPG):

Lightning (Calendaring):

Use at your own risk, if it breaks you get to keep all the pieces, but
they work for me.

I'm sure that the thunderbird-lightning package will be properly updated
soon, so this is just a temporary workaround.

Hope that helps others,


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