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Re: monstrous failure of "yum update" on fedora 11 alpha

Eric Sandeen wrote:
> Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>>   i decided to "yum update" my f11 alpha system and, after downloading
>> some 1500 packages, it went to work, unpacking about 500 packages
>> before every single package after that generated an unpacking error.
>>   has anyone else had a successful "yum update"?
>> rday
>> p.s.  weirdly, some later packages are generating errors of "Couldn't
>> create temporary file, no space left on device" but I went with the
>> default filesystem layout so I have one large 80G root filesystem that
>> isn't even *close* to being full.
> There was a bug in an early F11 kernel which would cause this sort of
> thing on ext4.  Was your box upgrading from the original alpha kernel?
> -Eric

And maybe as an example I should provide some useful info ;)

* Mon Feb 16 2009 Dennis Gilmore <dennis ausil us> 2.6.29-0.122.rc5
- build kernel-headers on i586

* Mon Feb 16 2009 Eric Sandeen <sandeen redhat com>
- Add ext4 debug patch for ENOSPC issue

so you'll need at least that kernel (the debug patch actually fixed it
as well).

Assuming you haven't yet decided that alpha software is too buggy to
test, try just updating the kernel, reboot, then yum update again.

If that fails, try removing an old spare kernel or a few other files to
give you room for the update.


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