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Re: monstrous failure of "yum update" on fedora 11 alpha

Adam Williamson wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-03-04 at 15:28 -0600, Eric Sandeen wrote:
>>> I can confirm yum update on fedora 11 alpha completely break the system
>>> there are tons of error about md5 pb et it break after a while
>>> I can't boot after it
>>> Gives message about needing fsck but doesn't explain which partition is
>>> the pb... (I mirrored two disk and created a lvm setup on top)
>> If you got filesystem errors, please file a bug, with details of what
>> fsck found.
> I don't know why no-one else is pointing out the obvious, but this is
> just the same perfectly known issue that's been brought up dozens of
> times over the last few days and is mentioned now in the Alpha release
> notes. To upgrade from F11 Alpha to current Rawhide, you need to do:
> yum update rpm\*
> first. Then it will work fine after that.
> Isn't that the source of this whole messy thread? Just a couple of
> people who didn't see that memo?

It seems to be a conflation of a few things.

He mentioned the md5 mismatches, but also mentioned filesystem
corruption, and ENOSPC.

The md5sum issue is the rpm thing.
The ENOSPC issue is probably the old ext4 bug in alpha.
The filesystem corruption is an unknown....


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