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[Rawhide] Anyone with sound issues?


I'm not a regular follower of this list (although I am subscribed), so
sorry if I missed this issue being discussed already...

There seems to be some issues with sound in Rawhide, especially after
the mass rebuild:

issues even before mass rebuild:
        * volume seems to be dropping after each song (in rhythmbox it
        goes completely mute, in totem after a few songs/videos). Gajim
        also seems to be effectively doing this kind of thing... Trying
        to increase the volume (scrolling over the volume applet or in
        totem over volume button) brings it suddenly back to the
        original level, instead of increasing continuously from the
        current volume.
        * setting the volume is weird, especially when working with more
        applications at once. Looks like decreasing volume in one
        application results in volume decrease in other applications as
        well. Also the volume applet seems to misbehave a little when in
        a bottom panel (not a big deal).
        * strange sounds are frequently going out of my headphones
        (usually high frequency squeaking or something like that).
        They're not there all the time, especially they seem to
        disappear when something is being played. They're not very
        pleasant... This does not happen in F10 so I'd say it's not a
        hardware issue.

and after mass rebuild:
        * pulse audio does not start correctly, doing pulseaudio -k and
        pulseaudio -D sometimes fix the issue. But it does not seem to
        work at all when trying to do that when in runlevel 3 (maybe I
        am not expected to do that?) Which means, right now I am without
Does anyone other see these issues as well or is it just me? Are these
known issues? I can file bugs if needed.


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