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Re: Awesome Boot Display

Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX N2469R wrote:
> The folks who would most appreciate this eye candy are mostly
> NOT using wimp motherboard graphics.

Those "wimp motherboard graphics" are the ones with the best Free drivers,
even developed by Intel themselves. And the GM965 on my laptop actually has
higher 3D performance than the Radeon 9250 on my desktop. (The performance
was horrible in F9, but that was a driver issue which got fixed in F10.)

If you want some numbers: Extreme Tux Racer runs at ~80 fps with 800x600
windowed on the GM965, my Radeon 9250 can only handle ~50 fps at 640x480
windowed for the same course.

Please do not insult the manufacturers who resp. the products which are
supporting Free Software.

> When might we see this boot display with Nvidia cards?

With Nouveau, soon. With the proprietary crap, when NVidia feels like it;
maybe in 5 years or so. :-/

        Kevin Kofler

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