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Re: anaconda generates brief "Deprecation warning"

Robert P. J. Day wrote, On 03/05/2009 06:13 AM:
  on both of my laptops (i386 and x86_64 installs), right after
anaconda starts, there is a diagnostic containing the phrase
"Deprecation warning" that flashes up briefly before the install GUI
starts, and i caught a glimpse of a python script filename -- at least
the ".py" part.

  1) is this a known issue?  i didn't have time to read any more.

  2) are these diagnostics stored anywhere so they can be perused

Some of the messages will appear in
consoles F1, F3, F4 or F5, i.e., Ctrl-Alt-F#
which you can switch to after X starts... I suspect this one might be hiding on F1 if you can get back to it before all the Xorg.log scrolls it off the screen.

Todd Denniston
Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC Crane)
Harnessing the Power of Technology for the Warfighter

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