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Re: man vs info vs texinfo files

On Thursday 05 March 2009 23:37:35 Per Bothner wrote:
> I remember (but now can't find it) somebody commenting on the man file
> vs info documentation issue: that they disliked info because it doesn't
> reformat properly depending on window size.

Me :o)

> Fedora (and GNU systems in general) should stop shipping info files,
> and should instead ship the texinfo source files.  The makeinfo
> program will convert texinfo files into html or docbook, as well
> as old-fashioned info.  Html or docbook is much nicer - you can
> use non-monospace fonts (for the body), and the text can be
> re-flowed to fit the window.  Also, indexes and cross-references
> can take you to a precise location, rather than just a node.

I do find "info" a bit annoying, although pinfo makes it easier ...

What might be useful (kick me if it's there already and I missed it) is a page 
in the wiki specifically tailored to providing advice on converting to a newer 
format such as DocBook (which is faaaairly easily converted to other formats), 
such as references to doclifter, to a simple guide on how to use DocBook for a 
manual page, etc etc.

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