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Re: 8GB memory not supported

saqib butt wrote:

I have Intel Pentium Dual Core E2180 / 2 GHz processor. i just upgraded my
system with 4 memory sticks i.e. 8GB of RAM due to my requirements.

Now the issue that i am facing is that my 64bit fedora system does not
showing and supporting more than 3.2 gigs of RAM when i consult
"/proc/meminfo", "free -m" and "top".

Also I am getting the following system prompt,


Kernel failure message 1:
WARNING: BIOS bug: CPU MTRRs don't cover all of memory, losing 4800MB of

This explains why you don't see all of RAM. Did you try a BIOS update? You could also ask your hardware vendor for an explanation of why it's not working.



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