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Re[2]: When will Fedora work again?

Title: Re[2]: When will Fedora work again?

Hello Deependra,

Sunday, March 8, 2009, 11:19:50 AM, you wrote:

On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 8:42 PM, Antonio M <antonio montagnani gmail com> wrote:

2009/3/8 Deependra Singh Shekhawat <deepsa fedoraproject org>:




> Intel 845 sounds very oldish chipset. Must be upgraded to support latest

> distributions.


oldish chipset??? do you mean that old hardware should not be

supported by Fedora???



Antonio Montagnani

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This isn't directed at you personally Deependra, but after personally waiting

semi-patiently for the same issues to be addressed in F10 (not rawhide) I'm 

also very disappointed at the lack of response.

Seems like some Redhat/Fedora developers have no clue that given the current 

economic climate many Fedora users can't afford to throw away good working hardware

on a whim.  Especially when that hardware worked fine on F8 and earlier, but now

fails to function with the buggy F10 and F11 Intel drivers.    

Linux distributions used to be proud of their ability to provide solid support for

hardware that's "good enough" for a given task.  This really has helped in situations

like schools, where obtaining new hardware is simply impossible... they are far more

concerned with not laying off the teacher.

Personally I've only had one week of functional F10 X from my the GX270 that usually

is my DNS and Samba server.  I opened "[Bug 476578] New: X-Org will not start on Dell

GX270 (Intel 82865G) - [mi] EQ overflowing server" on Dec 15, and provided logs.

In spite of a setup that fails 100% of the time, and repeated updates with new logs

I've never been contacted to test code that may fix my problem.   I've also noted

that I work from home every Friday and am available for test/debug.  Nothing.

Many folks are having issues with the Intel X driver.  A quick check of Google and the

X-Org mailing lists indicates that the problem is across all Linux distributions.  This

driver supports a wide variety of built-in video setup for many older and newer PCs... 

and these bugs are impacting a lot of users - especially the non-technical/new ones that

we need ensure receive a favourable impression of Linix.



Best regards,

 Al                            mailto:al dunsmuir sympatico ca

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