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Re[2]: When will Fedora work again?

Hello Bruno,

Sunday, March 8, 2009, 12:12:07 PM, you wrote:

> Sorry about not reading your message carefully.
> Still the other bug with your hardware mentioned might be worth looking
> at as well as the Intel KMS feature. The person working on the feature
> may be able to tell you if your hardware is targetted to work as part of it.

The   Intel  drivers  are very fragile, and defaulting acceleration to "on"
F9/10 while simultaneously removing the X-Org configuration file and the
system-config-display utility have made addressing the problem much worse.

The   last   release  that worked for me was F8 (now EOL).  I skipped F9
(broken for X). I was able  to  install from the final F10 release (the F10
preview release also was broken for X).

Things went south a week after install, when the Intel hardware / dbus and pam
updates  came  out.   Many bugs have been filed, by myself and others.  Most
go  unanswered,  and  the  focus  seems to be on bypassing rather than fixing
issues.   All  F10  code  updates  so  far  have  not  addressed these problems.

Many  generations  of  Intel graphics hardware (both old and new) are affected.
A check of Bugzilla,  both Fedora and Xorg since the fall shows it's not a pretty
picture for any Linux distributions with current X on Intel.

It seems strange (and sad) that so soon into the life of a release major
regressions can happen... followed by a deafening science.  There  seems  to  be
very  little urgency (or developer time/focus) on fixing this in F10.  Rawhide
may be important... but only if existing releases can actually be used in real life.


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