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Re: 64-bit Kernel Question

Kevin Kofler wrote:

> You should really be running 64-bit Fedora on that Core 2 Duo.
I bought it because I wanted one that would support kvm (now qemu), even 
though I rarely use qemu, but because I thought it would be interesting to 

So, I've had a 64-bit processor for somewhere between 12-18 months 
without even knowing it!!!

I thought I had to get a special motherboard and an entire system that is 
set up for 64-bit. I guess I have, without knowing it.

Hmmm... So how would I get started changing my installation of Fedora 11 
alpha/rawhide to the 64-bit version? Are all the same programs available? 
Do I need to learn special configurations? I have read horrifying accounts of 
getting Adobe flash-player to work, but I think that is supposed to be 
resolved with nspluginwrapper, non?

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