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Re: 64-bit Kernel Question

Scott Robbins wrote:

> Flash is actually trivial for 64 bit.  There's a fellow on Fedora forums
> who made an rpm for it--I have a little page on it at
> http://home.roadrunner.com/~computertaijutsu/flash64.html which has a
> link to that forum thread.  You have to do a minor edit of
> /etc/sysconfig/nspluginwrapper (covered on that page.)
Well, I've started to download the f11alpha DVD. I am not going to try a 
cross architecture update, as described in phoronix. I'm not that far on 
'nix (ok, a sad attempt at a pun; well, maybe I am, as I don't use anything 
but Linux). 

I read about the experimental flash, which Matthew mentioned. I would 
rather go with that than do the "minor edit". There will be enough stuff for 
me to configure to get it set up like my present x86-32 system. If the 
experimental 64-bit flash doesn't work well enough, I can always try the 

Sheesh! I can't believe that I have had a 64-bit system, hardware-wise, for 
so long and never even knew it!

It really should run faster, shouldn't it? At least I will be using the CPU 
to it's full potential, and with programs made for it.

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