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Re: When will Fedora work again?

On Tuesday 10 March 2009 02:02:14 Robert L Cochran wrote:
> As you don't explain exactly how the cards do not work...let me
> guess....you are totally certain that your power supply has enough
> wattage to supply that many Radeon cards? I've always thought that video
> cards are incredibly hungry for juice. I wonder what substituting a
> bigger power supply will do.

PSU was replaced with one rated at twice the output already. And we're talking 
about PCI radeon 9250, not HD48xx :o)

It works fine with F8 up to kernel After that, mostly OK, but 
locks up after anything from an hour to a day, and can trigger a "hard" freeze 
by running a few 3D apps then (oddly) quitting one of them.

As F8 was near EOL when I discovered the latter, it's NOT been filed as a bug. 
So it doesn't exist ;o)

Anyway, I don't really consider having two or three graphics cards to in any way 
be an "edge case" since X always was designed to support multiple displays.

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