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Re: Rawhide: GDM problems with SELinux(enforcing)

On 03/10/2009 06:14 PM, Debarshi Ray wrote:
Did you just upgrade to selinux?

I had updated directly from a Fedora 10 Preview LiveCD to Rawhide,
manually working around the RPM, Python 2.6 and OpenSSL issues.


yum reinstall selinux-policy-targeted

So now my frozen GDM is replace by a blank black screen. :-) However I
can now Ctrl+Alt+F2 to a virtual terminal and log into text mode,
which was earlier not possible with the frozen GDM. From there on
startx provides me with a desktop, but the mouse does not respond and
the pointer is the ugly black X one.

There is a bug upgrading from F10 to F11 that is causing stuff to crash.
  Should be fixed tonight.

Okay, I shall try again tomorrow.

Happy hacking,
The remainder of your problems look like labeling. Probably caused by the failed upgrade.

touch /.autorelabel; reboot

will cause the machine to fix its labeling.

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