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Re: The 64-bit System...

Michael J Gruber wrote:
Brian Chadwick venit, vidit, dixit 10.03.2009 12:38:
to be fairer, how much faster is the processor as well? any new 64-bit processor is faster than the top of the line 32 bit one of a few years ago, mind you my Athlon Xp-3200+ is heaps for me

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Petrus de Calguarium wrote:
There is no doubt that this has sped up this computer manifold. After only
a few hours, this seems like an entirely new machine.
To be fair, the extra RAM probably also helped.

        Kevin Kofler

I think he only compares (speedwise) the 64bit system with x+2GB to the
same with just x, x probably being 1GB (I don't think it's lame with 2
to start with). Memory consumption wise, he seems to compare 64 bit
distro to 32 bit distro on the the same box. Firefox and Thunderbird
consume quite some memory in their 64 bit incarnations (more than twice
as much compared to 32 bit, which I would understand), for the "system"

they do? Strewth!
I've got three programs atm using more than 1 Gbyte virtual. They are X, firefox and seamonkey.

I've just migrated off 32-bit, so I can't so easily compare, but I reckon I had Mozilla using 700M and more on RHL 7.3, That seriously creaked. I don't really think either firefox, Thunderbird or the system as a whole uses twice as much RAM.

Except, maybe, if you also support 32-bit. I have no 32-bit libraries.

This system has 5 Gbytes, so I _might_ not noticed.

I have another, similar, system with 2 Gbytes RAM. It runs Fedora-64 well, better than my Pentium IV with 1 Gbyte ran RHEL5-clone.

itself it's not that bad.




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