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Re: The 64-bit System...

Petrus de Calguarium wrote:
Brian Chadwick wrote:

to be fairer, how much faster is the processor as well? any new 64-bit
processor is faster than the top of the line 32 bit one of a few years
ago, mind you my Athlon Xp-3200+ is heaps for me

To be fair, the extra RAM probably also helped.

        Kevin Kofler
Yes, I thought the RAM might be a factor, but I was never using all I had previously (although I never checked the usage during a yum update).

My comparison is based of the same processor, the intel core 2 duo e6320, no hardware change, except previously I used i386 with 2GB RAM, now I use x86_64 with 4GB RAM.

Also, there are other factors, like kde was painfully slow before (it would take 2+ seconds to advance 1 line in Dolphin, for example), likely something to do with OpenGL desktop effects, the xorg-intel driver, mesa, what-have-
you. This appears to be working MUCH MUCH smoother, AFAICT so far.

I am confused about installing mozilla plugins. Do I just yum install, or do I have to do something special (for adobe flash-plugin, there was already some discussion).

There's a 64-bit beta of Adobe Flash. Works for me.

This Java works.
10:43 [root bobtail ~]# rpm -q --qf '%{name} %{version} %{release} %{arch} \n' jdk
jdk 1.6.0_12 fcs x86_64

Also, I noticed in the repo that some programs/libraries/what-have-you exist in duplicate, for x86_64 and i386. MUST I install both? Will yum
automatically grab both if required, etc? I don't want to pollute this virgin system with 32-bit, unless I absolutely have to.
10:45 [root bobtail ~]# rpm -qa --qf ' %{arch} \n'  | sort -u
10:46 [root bobtail ~]#
The "none" line is gpg-pubkey. I'd have thought it would be noarch.

_My_ system is RHEL5-clone.



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