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Re: Interesting comments

Matej Cepl wrote:
(reposting -- somehow my previous attempt to send this via email was unsuccessful)
I've seen similar threads before. The thing I generally take
out of them, which I really tried to get MDV bug triagers to
buy into, is follow up. Triaging isn't a drive-by operation,
you have to follow up the bug. You really should be in CC for
any bug you triage.


let me add a little bit longer reply to this thread (actually, in the end, it is very long). Actually, I think this conversation about Ubuntu is very relevant to us as well. Maybe we are not that far down this path as Ubuntu (because our triaging effort is just starting?), but I see a lot of this “we are here to get number of bugs down” mentality around.

Listen, if we want to close ALL our bugs in couple of minutes,
then it is quite simple to do — open a query with all open bugs
and then choose “Change Several Bugs at Once” and close them as
WONTFIX with a comment “Don’t bother us with your problems!”

You remind me there's a process in place to close bugs because nobody's bothered to either try to fix them or even to see whether they still exist.

The assumptions are the original reporter is still able to reproduce it or is still interested or it's accidentally been fixed.

Here's one.

Enable LDAP authentication in kickstart.
Add users in kickstart.
Wonder why it takes so long to install.

I originally reported it against FC6. It's moved to RHEL5 now, but I don't know that anyone's bothered to look at it.



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