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Re: Interesting comments

Adam Williamson wrote:

Priority and severity can be set by reporters in MDV Bugzilla. It was my
experience that reporters would frequently inflate these values in their
initial reports. However, if a triage team member then re-set them to a

Last I looked (which was a while ago) there was no apparent definition of that these mean. Let me think:
Critical - system unusable
Serious - system usable with some impairment, or critical but with a workaround.
Moderate - causes occasional outages, misleading diagnostic messages
Cosmetic - spelling/grammar errors
Enhancement Request - not exactly a bug, but ....

Everyone would probably agree that, if the system won't boot, that is critical. I would expect such a critical error would be a candidate release blocker.

Probably, most would also reckon that a daily crash would qualify as critical, as would any major component such as X failing.

As a user, I see Xen failures as critical. I bought a computer, with hardware virtualisation, just so I could use Xen. _I_ might accept that, on the above scale, it might be classified as "serious," but anything less would annoy me.



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