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Sign up or help with component triage!

We now have a new way to track who is working on which component:


After putting this together, I noticed that there are many "key"
components which have no one signed up to work on them.  If you would
like to take ownership of a small part of the triage problem, feel free
to sign up on this page and attack the backlog.  In many cases, there
are only a small number of bugs, so even if you don't want to sign up
for anything, simply triaging a few bugs would zero out the backlog for
some components.

If you have already signed up to work on a component, please indicate
whether or not you would like more triagers to help, by setting the
"Need help?" column to "Yes" or "No".

It seems like there are a relatively large number of volunteers compared
to the number of available components and Rawhide bugs, so it should be
quite feasible to eliminate the backlog for all but the most
recalcitrant components.

Yours in triage,


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