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Re: Fresh F11 alpha install, how to move forward?

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 06:08:55PM +0100, Jurgen Kramer wrote:
> I finally had some time to try out F11 alpha. After installing it on my
> Atom based system I noticed that cpu scaling was not working and only 1
> cpu was being detected. So I tried upgrading the kernel by giving yum
> update a try but that fails with massive md5 errors as discussed on the
> list.

> What is the proper way me to install a newer kernel? I really like to
> test it before running of to bugzilla.

You should just install, then do 

yum update rpm

This should work and after that, you should be able to do all your
updates.  (It will pull in a few other dependencies, which should also
install without problem.)

Scott Robbins
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