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Re: Advertising Triage Days on the wiki

Christopher Beland wrote:
There's no mention of Triage Days at [[BugZappers/Meetings]] or on the
front page or on the draft at [[User:Adamwill/Draft_Bugzappers]], and
no pages link to [[BugZappers/OfficeHours]] or

Are they going to continue happening on the same days?


I have noticed this lack of advertising as well. As Adam is the the main driver for this, I was leaving it to him on advertising. As an experienced "community monkey dude", he would know best how to advertise it. That was my thinking anyway, I mentioned this subject in passing before our first Bug Triage Day to poelcat.

My feeling now though, is that we are going to burn Adam out with all this stuff. With his basic training for the red hat army just started, he will have even less time. One of us will have to take the lead on this, and as you seem to be fully up to speed, maybe you'd like to do that =)? Or maybe someone else would volunteer to help here?


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