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Adam Williamson awilliam at
Wed Mar 11 21:49:46 UTC 2009

On Wed, 2009-03-11 at 15:04 -0400, TK009 wrote:
> Christopher Beland wrote:
> > There's no mention of Triage Days at [[BugZappers/Meetings]] or on the
> > front page or on the draft at [[User:Adamwill/Draft_Bugzappers]], and
> > no pages link to [[BugZappers/OfficeHours]] or
> > [[BugZappers/Training]].
> >
> > Are they going to continue happening on the same days?
> >
> > -B.
> >
> >
> >   
> I have noticed this lack of advertising as well. As Adam is the the main 
> driver for this, I was leaving it to him on advertising. As an 
> experienced "community monkey dude", he would know best how to advertise 
> it. That was my thinking anyway, I mentioned this subject in passing 
> before our first Bug Triage Day to poelcat.
> My feeling now though, is that we are going to burn Adam out with all 
> this stuff. With his basic training for the red hat army just started, 
> he will have even less time. One of us will have to take the lead on 
> this, and as you seem to be fully up to speed, maybe you'd like to do 
> that =)? Or maybe someone else would volunteer to help here?

Yeah, this is pretty much the case - don't worry about me burning out,
but you're basically right. I would usually have done this back around
the time of the first one, but since I've got the RHCE training course
thingy going on, I just don't have time for it right now. I will
certainly do it ASAP if no-one else does, but if someone else does that
would also be awesome :)

(FWIW, I'm making an effort to work reasonable hours here. When I was at
MDV I'd work 70-80 hour weeks for quite a lot of the year and it was
kinda burning me out towards the end. I'm trying to stick with 40 hour
or so weeks here at RH.)
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