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Re: Interesting comments

TK009 wrote:

"For that they need to be reproducible and therefore bug triager has to try to reproduce them."

Respectfully disagree here. I see reproduction as a bonus, not a requirement. Time spent trying to reproduce doesn't pay off in production or quality, in a few cases it might but for the main, no. From Traige 101: What wasn't done - 10) try and reproduce/make test cases, etc.

If you can describe how to reproduce a problem, you
1. Validate the original complaint
2. Demonstrate that there is enough information for the developer to proceed. 3. Provide a testcase that can be used to demonstrate that the problem has been fixed. 4. Advance your own skills, perhaps on the road to becoming "maintainer" of something.

If you can't reproduce a problem, it's going to be very hard indeed to fix it. For that reason many kernel bugs can be difficult.

Im loathe to report bugs that don't occur consistently. In such cases I'm more likely to test the water by discussing it here.



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