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how to provide autofs debug info?

I'm having problems with autofs in rawhide.  But I don't know
enough about autofs to provide a useful bug report, except
to say, it ain't working.  I copied the autofs configuration files
from my working f10 partition and they don't work in rawhide.
IIRC, they did work in f11 alpha but stopped working, but I
could be mistaken.

I'm trying to automount NFS directories.  My auto.master
was set up by my IT dept for fc6 and I've been copying
it forward every new fedora release.  It looks like so:

/misc	/etc/auto.misc
/net	-hosts
/home                   auto_home       -rw,nosuid,intr
/projects               auto_projects   -rw,intr

#auto_home looks something like this:
user1                                myserver:/export/home/&
user2                                myserver:/export/home/&

I've had it successfully mount a few directories, but
other directories fail and some of the time I can't
get any of them to work.  Any suggestions on
debugging steps would be appreciated.



PS - I'm not sure if this is relevant, but we use ldap
for authentication and the ldap config file was also
generated by my IT dept for an older fedora release.
I have a suspicion that the problem is some
interaction between ldap and autofs.  I've had problems
with autofs before due to a ldap library problem.

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