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Re: Interesting comments

On 2009-03-12, 01:23 GMT, Adam Williamson wrote:
> There's no RH employee whose actual job involves triaging bugs 
> in Fedora.

Actually, ehm, there are two of us ... me and one rather 
mysterious lady working on anaconda. And yes, of course, I was 
for a long the biggest user of Xen (now KVM) in Red Hat Czech.

>>  Considering the problems I (and importantly, others) had with 
>>  the HP DC7700 I think I would expect RH to acquire some (it's 
>>  a corporate desktop system and I know RHEL customers use 
>>  them).

Fortuantely, you usually don't have to use whole computers, but 
particular parts -- so yes, there are people inside of Red Hat 
how have huge heaps of graphic cards/disk arrays/wifi cards/etc.  
And yes, of course they work on Fedora as well (usually not on 
QA, but that does slightly different things in RH anyway).

> By the RH QA team. For RHEL. =)

That is correct as far as QA goes, but just don't make it look 
like RH employees are not working on Fedora.

> I should add that I'm talking in terms of practicality here, 
> and taking into consideration that we have not many active 
> triagers trying to triage a very large amount of bugs.

Yes, I totally agree that it is not practicable to ask every 
volunteer to reproduce bug as necessary requirement for touching 
bugs. Yes, we can do a lot of good without reproducing bugs. But 
let's not fooll ourselves, that when we do everything what’s 
needed. We may do everything we are able to, and it is certainly 
lot and it is very helpful, but there is always space and 
challenge for growth.



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