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Re: Fedora Test Day - Intel graphics driver

James Laska wrote:
Greetings testers,

Apologies for the late notice.  We had a slight change in the plan for
this weeks test day.  The focus will be on upcoming Intel graphics
driver changes.

Planning for this test day began with an eye towards validating the
upcoming F11 Intel KMS feature [1].  However, after some great feedback
from developer Kristian Høgsberg, the scope has changed.  With
Kristian's input, Adam Williamson crafted a wiki page [2] and test cases
designed to stress Intel graphics support and DRI2 [3].

Apologies for the late addition to testing;  Failure results take
longer to re-test and document.  One observation is that KMS support
for intel 845G Brookdale is fairly broken (jason17055, orthob (me)).
No mouse pointer, corrupted glx graphics.  Erratic backlight switching.
Kernel logs: [ INFO: possible circular locking dependency detected ]

Posted results to

-Bob Arendt

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