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Re: Upcoming Fedora Test Days ... DeviceKit and XFCE

On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 05:50:58PM -0400, James Laska wrote:
> = DeviceKit =
> Ever notice how the graphical disk management functionality present
> during a Fedora installation is not available after you've installed
> your system?  
>    <Enter DeviceKit on stage left>  

AFAICS this is the next big security disaster in the making.
Something on par with this broken clock access via clock-applet or
maybe even worse.  It is not apparent how to prevent totally screwed
defaults from taking over.

The problem is that all partitions from the _fixed_ media become
available for scribbling, through a "Computer" browser, for anyone
with a login on a desktop.  Some of these, apparently at random, are
even automounted (and spill a garbage with such descriptive names
like "260 MB Filesystem" all over a desktop).  It looks like that
the only "security" model considered is "one user per machine and
preferably as root or at least with a root access".  Somebody spent
much too much time on Windows and never heard words like a "backup",
"another installation", "limited access", etc.

Expect the same "swift reaction", or rather a total lack of it,
as in a clock-applet case.


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