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Re: Fedroa 10 Wedges File System under heavy I/O Load

This happens with the current Fedora 10 64 bit kernel,
also the previous one.

I do not see any error messages related to the wedging.
I do see some error messages when I attempt to
regain control of the system.

System is an AMD 6000+ in ECS NFORCE6M-A motherboard,
8 GB memory, two SATA on motherboard controller, another
two SATA drives on a Promise PCI controller, and an IDE
drive on a USB dongle.

The system is also processing audio
data at 96 kHz (gnuradio).  Thst data is being written
to named FIFOs on the root file system.

The /u file system is the one that wedges.  It is not being written
to much at this time, and hardly any new files being created.

When I reset the system I sometimes see a complaint about the
/boot file system, an ext2 file system that shouldn't be written to
at all except when installing a new kernel.

I do have the option of reverting the /u file system back to
ext3 as it is small enough that FSCK doesn't take forever.

Chuck Forsberg    caf omen com   www.omen.com   503-614-0430
Developer of Industrial ZMODEM(Tm) for Embedded Applications
 Omen Technology Inc      "The High Reliability Software"
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