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rawhide mirror freshness/completness + boot.iso

I'm trying to test a fresh rawhide install.

from the rawhide presentation page, i understand I have to use the
standard fedora mirrors to find rawhide.


Unfortunately, there seems to be a really big delay between a developer
update and the time it takes to reach a mirror.

I've tried several mirrors and they don't always contain the same files
and directories ...

For example, can somebody explain to me how and when the boot.iso file
like this one :

reach mirrors and why it seems this file is not always generated ?

it's almost 16th of march and I can only find a file from 11th
reading the rawhide report 20090314, I find there are anaconda update
which I'm interested in.

Shouldn't there be additional information on the mirror page to explain
which mirror are to be used for rawhide utilisation (I can imagine it's
a big quantity of data moving very fast which only a few users...)


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