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Re: Reminder: Bug Triage Meeting Tomorrow (Tuesday) @ 15:00 UTC

Brennan Ashton wrote:
I am available tomorrow morning (14:00-17:00 UTC) to talk about the
metrics, I have been making some changes to the scripts and the
interface to work better with the DST mess (bugzilla server is not
UTC) as well as integrate with FAS.

Also at the triage meeting can I get a confirmation that the step by
step I wrote in my email about the GM scripts made sense?

Brennan Ashton

yes, we can add both to the meeting agenda. The work flow png and intro SOP should take little time and can be bumped to the list if needed.

I know poelcat and others have questions concerning the metrics.
like this one:
"Is the code to framework you've developed to collect and report these metrics available for others to see and use? I think it would be great if it could live in the triage git repo if it is not already there."
Sorry if you responded to that already and I missed it.

Since you'll be at the meeting, this is a good time to get all the questions anyone might have out of the way concerning either item. Maybe discuss the hour before the meeting in IRC, if not, first and second items on the (revised) agenda, I think poelcat would agree.


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