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Re: Fedroa 10 Wedges File System under heavy I/O Load

Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX N2469R wrote:
 From time to time I back up data from /u, /y, and /var onto
an external IDE HD attached with a USB interface as /dev/sde1.
The command used is:  cd /; find u y var -print | cpio -pmd /b
This has worked well until recently.

Now Fedora "wedges" the /u file system at some time during this
backup process, which takes about three hours.  If /u doesn't
wedge before the backup finished with /u, the backup runs
to completion.

Strangely enough, even when /u is wedged, other file systems
on the same drive typically work normally.  Commands such
as sync and ps -ef wedge, but df does not.

Any ideas what to look for??

I have been using ext4 under Fedora 10 on a home desktop, office desktop, colo server, and laptop. It has been fine on the office desktop, and laptop. Both don't get stressed that much. On the home desktop and colo server I have seen this when doing I/O intensive things. I have had 1-2 other ext4 issues with the home desktop.

Ext4 was declared stable by some with 2.6.28, but it has been anything but stable. Watching the kernel package changelog, reading reports on Slashdot, and talking with the actually developers in #fedora-kernel I have learned just how much work is still going into it.

My experience says don't trust 2.6.27 kernels with ext4, even with backported patches. I suspect the backported patches depend on some behavior of newer kernels that hasn't been recognized yet. The kernel developers have said stay away from 2.6.28. I am currently running 2.6.29-0.61.rc8.fc10.x86_64. It has been working very well for me.

I recommend you use the kernel from the url below, and keep track of the kernel on koji. cebbert builds rawhide kernels for FC10 on a regular basis.


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