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Re: Bugzappers Wiki redesign (was Re: BugZappers Meeting Recap for 2009-03-03)

Adam Williamson wrote:
On Wed, 2009-03-04 at 15:55 -0800, Adam Williamson wrote:

I think both Chris's and tk009's drafts are good and definite
improvements on what we have already. I think they both have elements
where they're better than the other. I'll try and spend some time
tomorrow to come up with a draft of my own that combines the two. Then
we should pick one of the drafts as our preferred new front page, and go
ahead with re-organizing and re-writing the rest of the Wiki content as
dictated by the chosen front page design.

OK - here's my draft:


I agreed with most who've responded in that I mostly preferred tk009's
page, so it's mostly based on that, but with some changes.

I do think the front page should link to other important pages, just so
*we* know where the hell they are as much as anything. So I added the
'Tools and Procedures' section, which is mostly copied / pasted from
Chris' page. It should be shorter and link to better pages, which we are
going to have to write. :)

The Tools page is pretty much fine. The Components / Triagers page we've
been discussing is also fine, as is the standard responses page. We can
probably have a separate Goals page. All those can be linked from this
section, once they're properly done.

There's other stuff I think we should have. I've done some of it before,
so I'm not going to reinvent it. For Mandriva I wrote a bug cycle


and a triage guide:


which I think are honestly pretty good, and better than what we have
already for this group. I'd propose that we adapt them as necessary and
use them for our group - or at least write something along similar

What do people think of my draft, and the plan?
I should have responded to this email sooner. Busy week.

"Who are the bugzappers?" section-
I like the link to Active Triagers on my page. One click to the Active Triagers, people know who to talk to in irc or on the list. "...volunteers and Red Hat employees..." This is correct, but I am not sure about it, it reads almost like a subdivision of the group. We are one group. This may be being nitpicky, but this is one of those things with me.

"Help Wanted"
I like the simplicity of my "We Need You" thought admit the wording could be better. I see "words words words" tiny little join link, bah =).

After some thought, I have to agree with John5342 that is to strong a word.

"Tools and Proceedures"
My own thinking at first was that we need links to important content on the first page. Thinking more on it though, I find I use those links rarely if ever anymore. A new triager will, but couldn't this live on the getting started page. Also, the position above communication, I would prefer commo higher.

who are we
what do we do
how to talk to us
how to join

I am starting to feel like the bugzappers wiki bad guy =P.


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