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Re: Interesting comments

Christopher Beland wrote:
On Thu, 2009-03-12 at 08:59 +0900, John Summerfield wrote:
Im loathe to report bugs that don't occur consistently. In such cases I'm more likely to test the water by discussing it here.

Well, whether it's in Bugzilla or the mailing list, it seems to me
useful to report such bugs, because they are much easier to squash
collectively than alone.  For example, I try to always report crashes.
Sometimes the developer can fix it from the backtrace, sometimes they
can't.  Sometimes they notice the backtrace mechanism is broken or
otherwise can deploy better instrumentation.  Sometimes other people
have the same problem and we can narrow down what use cases or optional
components are causing it.  Usually Bugzilla is cited as a better
repository for bug reports than the mailing list archives, because they
are easier to find and harder to lose.

A particular problem I had in mind is with KVM. I have a VM that runs for several hours (doing IO and/or CPU intensive work), then becomes unresponsive.

Only rebooting the host regains control.

That's the limit of my information. The first triager would (arguably correctly) close it "insufficient information."

If someone was prepared to go to the trouble of creating a VM, installing a virtual Debian system, downloading the Knoppix DVD image that's part of the equation and run my scripts, then they would have a good prospect of recreating the problem. I don't have the feeling anyone would go to all that trouble.

If the problem is easy to reproduce, then building Fedora and RHEL in KVM VMs should reproduce it, the kind of work is fairly similar.

fwiw I had occasion to reboot the particular machine (power failure) - it's the one I had some difficulties updating Fedora 10 on - and I chose Fedora rather than Windows, and now I've got all the updates in, the above problem seems to have been fixed.



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