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[Test-list] Think its a bug, please test it and confirm


I'm running a Fedora System. In order to test alphas etc, I install them
to a trial partition on my Segate external harddrive. I add them to my
existing grub and boot into them. The external harddrive thus has a
partition "/". When i mount this partition on my normal system, run
gnome-system-monitor , and go to the disk usage tab, the system monitor

If i unmount this partition, system monitor works fine.

this is the output i get from the terminal when it crashes :

[Ankur Ankur ~]$ gnome-system-monitor 

(gnome-system-monitor:5342): GLib-GObject-WARNING **:
IA__g_object_get_valist: property `name' of object class `GThemedIcon'
is not readable
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::logic_error'
  what():  basic_string::_S_construct NULL not valid

I think its a bug, can someone please try this out (make a partition
as / , mount it and run gnome-system-monitor > disk usage) and confirm.

where do i report this ? at bugzilla.redhat.com or is there a separate
one for gnome ?



PS : please ignore the earlier mail

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