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Re: Fedora Test Day - Intel graphics driver

On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 2:22 AM, Rodd Clarkson <rodd clarkson id au> wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-03-16 at 12:47 -0700, Adam Williamson wrote:
>> On Mon, 2009-03-16 at 16:31 +1100, Rodd Clarkson wrote:
>> > On Wed, 2009-03-11 at 19:35 -0400, James Laska wrote:
>> > > Greetings testers,
>> > >
>> > > Apologies for the late notice.  We had a slight change in the plan for
>> > > this weeks test day.  The focus will be on upcoming Intel graphics
>> > > driver changes.
>> >
>> > Apologies for the late response.
>> >
>> > Am I too late to run these tests and submit the results.
>> >
>> > I'm having troubles with my intel chipset on rawhide, so my results
>> > might be valuable.
>> Nope, definitely not. As it says on the page, results are welcome any
>> time.
>> We will probably have a follow-up event before F11 comes out, so the
>> devs can check progress in fixing the issues identified by this first
>> round of testing.
> I haven't quite finished the testing yet, but I'm not sure I'm actually
> getting 3D from my intel card at this stage.
> I can run glxgears, but the 500 frames per second (for a default size
> window glxgears window) are underwhelming.  A NVidia GeForce Go 6800
> using F10 gives me around 1700fps, and a Intel 915GM using F9 gives me
> 400FPS, so I would expect my Intel 4 Series Chipset to give me much
> better than the Intel 915 and given the age of the Nvidia chipset (3 or
> 4 years old), something better than that too.

glxgears is not really usefull to compare the performance of different systems.
Also comparing a dedicated nvidia gpu to an intel IGP does not make
sense ( yes the nv is faster even thought its older)

> How can I tell if 3d is actually working for me?

Check the glxinfo output and check if direct rendering is enabled.
And than try any game or app that uses opengl and see if it is useable at all.

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