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2009-03-18 - 16:00 UTC - Fedora QA meeting minutes

IRC transcript and online notes available at

= Attendees =

* Jesse Keating (f13)
* James Laska (jlaska)
* Adam Williamson (adamw)
* Will Woods (wwoods)
* J├│hann Gu├░mundsson (viking_ice)

= Previous meeting follow-up =

Follow-up from last meeting

* [jlaska&adamw] mediawiki semantic* packaging 
** mediawiki-semantic
** mediawiki-semantic-forms package review bug#490171
** next steps to setup & configure a test instance and incorporate live
* [adamw] - intel test day was a success, we're hoping to have an intel
follow up later before f11's release, to test fixes for the issues
identified at the first event 
* [jlaska] - DeviceKit test day was successful in identifying several
key bugs, but the event did not have the level of participation we hoped

= F-11-Beta - who/what/when/where/why? =

* Useful links:
** '''F-11 Schedule''' -
** '''Where to record test results''' -
** '''Current list of open Beta blockers''' -
** '''Beta release notes''' -

* Beta is scheduled for availability 03/24, which means it needs to
begin pushing to mirrors on 03/20 (Fri)
* A lot of concern around whether we have enough information to say that
F-11-Beta is generally installable
** f13 noted that ''if I don't get a golden tree in the form of
tomorrow's rawhide, I think we slip. ''
** f13 and jlaska expressed concern about the bugs that haven't yet been
filed (due to blocker issues)

* jlaska asked ''what information do you need to make a slip vs no slip
** f13 replied ''a what works, vs what doesn't work, vs what hasn't been
tested ''
** adamw offered assistance from the BugZappers team (iarly) in
reviewing the 42 '''NEW''' bugs to identify which issues should be noted
on the F11Beta blocker bug list
** jlaska will send out a request for installation test results focused
around autopart using existing Linux, autopart using free space,
autopart using entire disk, all of those + encryption

= Upcoming QA events =
* 2009-03-19 - [[QA/Test_Days/2009-03-19|XFCE Test Day]]
* 2009-03-26 - [[QA/Test_Days/2009-03-26|Nouveau Test Day]]

= Open discussion =

* viking_ice noted the new SysRq documentation page - [[QA/Sysrq]]
* viking_ice noted there is a enhancement request open in
fedora-infrastructure (see
https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1245) to
create/host some type of RSS aggregator for Fedora announcements.
* viking_ice asked whether maintainers/developers should introduce
themselves when replying on fedora-test-list@
** adamw cautioned that this might be a difficult task (akin to herding

= Action items =
* [jlaska+adamw] mediawiki semantic update (packaging and hosting)
* [adamw] schedule radeon test day
* [adamw] review OPEN installer bugs and escalate appropriate issues to
F11Beta blocker list
* [jlaska] email fedora-test-list@ with call for testing of rawhide
** will review test results at end of day Thursday for a slip decision
*  [jlaska] build XFCE live images and request fedorapeople hosting from
* [jlaska] find Beta Release notes wiki page? (thanks to frields ...

= Next QA meeting =

No time was left to discuss a new time for next weeks meeting.  We will
continue with 17:00 UTC unless otherwise noted on fedora-test-list.  

The next meeting will be held on 2009-03-25 17:00 UTC (1pm EDT).

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