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Re: Rawhide upgrade problems

On Sun, 22 Mar 2009, Aioanei Rares wrote:

Kevin Fenzi wrote:
On Sun, 22 Mar 2009 20:33:46 +0200
Aioanei Rares <schaiba gmail com> wrote:

Hi everyone,

Please let me know if the following was done right and what can I do
to get to rawhide.
I installed f10 from DVD, updated it fully, then changed the software sources from f10 to rawhide, did a yum update rpm\* (rpmlint failed
to update with the following error:

No need to do that. That is ONLY for updating from f11a -> current
rawhide. For F10 you should only need to 'yum update' to get at least rpm-4.6.0 final, then enable rawhide and 'yum update' to get rawhide. You may run into an audit-libs-python problem. You can download the
newer one from koji and update it manually.

Is there some kind of known issue installing rawhide directly without installing
F10 and upgrading?

I tried to do a fresh install this AM on my laptop but it hangs during the
initial boot to anaconda. I already filed a bug, but if this is a known issue,
I will update the bug and proceed accordingly.


Tom Diehl		tdiehl rogueind com		Spamtrap address mtd123 rogueind com

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